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img_8700Classes in Tai Chi Chuan  / Qigong (Chi Kung) – Kennaway House, Coburg Road, Sidmouth, Devon EX10 8N


Monday classes at Kennaway House, Coburg Road, Sidmouth.

Please note all classes are suspended due to the Covid-19 outbreak. On-line sessions are planned for April onwards

                                                             Class sessions will include Tai Chi Chuan Chenstyle Laojia Yi Lu form, 18-movement Laojia form,                                                         traditional Qigong (Chi Kung) exercises and guided meditation.

This year we shall continue our practice of 1st 64 Movement Wild Goose Qigong and further develop the 2nd Movement.

Referred to as the Kunlun School of Qigong, the practice originates from the Sichuan Province in China as far back as the Jin Dynasty (265 – 420 AD). Wild Goose Qigong is both static and dynamic; beautiful movement that imitates wild geese in nature, combining qualities of solid and soft. The emphasis is on action, natural breathing and the promotion of health and the prevention of disease. Easy to follow and to learn, the practitioner is required to calmly concentrate and quieten the mind for maximum benefit.





Monday evening drop-in sessions:  £3 per 30-minute session. Join us for a single session, any combination of two or all three
Pay on the day. No termly booking required.

        Evening classes 7pm – 8.30pm    QigongTai Chi Ch’uan at Kennaway House, Sidmouth.

7pm – 7.30pm Qigong (Chi Kung) – A traditional set of Qigong exercises to promote a sense of well-being. Promotes energy and vitality; decreases unnecessary stress and tension.

7.30pm – 8pm Tai Chi basics – for beginners and those with previous experience. Tai Chi Chuan principles of practice, breathing, ‘silk reeling’, cloud hands and incorporating this into the 18-movement Laojia form.

8pm – 8.30pm Tai Chi intermediate / advanced  – practice of the complete Chen Style Laojia Yi Lu form – the ‘mother’ of all Tai Chi forms.



‘Tai Chi Qigong Essence’.
1st Friday of the month. 09.30 – 11.30
Immersive practice in Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and meditation. Suitable for beginners and experienced.

       In the village of Buckerell, two miles from Honiton. EX14 3ER
Please note the session booked for 3rd April  and Day Retreat 1st May has been cancelled. 

£12 per session payable on the day but please do reserve your place in advance by email or text messaging as places are limited.

Suitable for all levels of ability. Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation practice within a peaceful, safe and non-competitive environment.

Just wear loose comfortable clothing and soft flat shoes. Please bring a cushion or mat to sit / lie down on.




Courses and Workshops




‘Too Busy to Care?
– how to cultivate compassionate mindfulness practice in a hectic world’

A  workshop for those interested in using mindfulness practice in everyday living.
Currently practising or not, struggling to practice or perhaps entirely new to the whole subject. 

Ferne Animal Sanctuary Nr. Chard, Somerset
Saturday 9th May 2020. 9.30am – 4.30pm

Please note that due to Covid-19 outbreak, this workshop is deferred until later in the year



Tai Chi Qigong and Meditation Retreat. 

Buckerell, Devon. Friday 7th August 2020.

Details to follow.










– Find some space in a busy, distracting world.

Please note that sessions normally held at The Beacon Medical Centre will be transferred to on-line until further notice due to Covid-19 outbreak.

I do hope you can join us. Please register your interest by email to then receive an invitation code. You will need to be registered with Zoom which is a straightforward process and free. 

Guided mindfulness-based meditation session. No previous experience required! For calm, peacefulness and clarity of mind.
Room 21, The Oak Suite. Beacon Medical Practice, Sidmouth, Devon. EX10 9YA.
Most Wednesdays 10am – 10.30am. Drop-in session. No need to book in advance. Please arrive between 09.50 – 10.00. Ask at main reception if unsure where to go. Please check beforehand that we are meeting on the week you intend to be there.


East Devon Aspies – a social group for able adults who consider themselves on the spectrum of Autism or Asperger Syndrome and do not have a learning disability

                           This new group aims to meet each month in Sidmouth, but is currently suspended due to Covid-19 outbreak. We hope to resume later in the year, so in the meantime please do contact for further details

An opportunity to meet, chat, share views and ideas in an informal, safe and supportive environment.