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Mental health: individual consultations and therapy. Meditation and mindfulness 1:1 sessions, groups, workshops, courses and retreats. Support and intervention in Autism and Asperger Syndrome.

Based in East Devon, Kevin is a registered mental health and learning disability nurse with many years of clinical experience within the NHS and private practice.

He is also an experienced instructor of classes, workshops and retreats in Tai Chi, Qigong (Chi Kung) and meditation.

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Please note that currently all mental health consultations are offered via Zoom and Skype video call or phone; whichever format you feel most appropriate for you.

‘Walk and Talk’ consultations.
A further option is to meet in the big outdoor consultation room! Wear suitable footwear and clothing for easy walking in the East Devon area in public spaces that are selected for affording an appropriate degree of privacy.


1:1 Consultations for confidential counselling and support.
Groups      Workshops      Courses      Retreats.

                                                         Depression, anxiety, low confidence and self-esteem, relationship issues

Phobias and intense fear desensitisation.

Teaching services – consultations to schools, groups, organisations, colleges and universities.

Meditation and mindfulness for individuals and for groups.

Behaviour support for people with Autism and Asperger Syndrome

                                                      Support for families of children and adolescents with behaviour that challenge 

For more detail, please refer to the ‘Mental health and well-being’ and ‘Events’ pages


‘Autism Enabled’   – services for children, adolescents and adults on the spectrum of Autism (including Asperger Syndrome).

supporting  –  guiding  –  advocacy  –  advising  –  consultation

‘Autism Enabled’ is a bespoke service for children and adults who are on the spectrum of Autism; offering positive approaches to maximise independence through training, support and where appropriate, working closely with family, carers, school, college, universities and place of employment. 

Coaching service for people of all ages on the spectrum of Autism and for parents, guardians or carers. Phone or Skype consultations to improve mental and emotional well-being, independence and self-confidence

The service also provides assessment and intervention with behaviours that are considered challenging, difficult or disruptive to the person’s lifestyle, education and opportunity.

Tai Chi & Qigong

Kevin instructs weekly and monthly classes in Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong in Sidmouth and Buckerell, East Devon.

Suitable for those with some or no previous experience. Everyone can benefit from practice by enhancing a sense of well-being, balance and coordination. Accessible for men and women of all ages and ability. Supervised children groups too!

Additionally, workshops and retreats are held in various locations throughout the year. Individual 1:1 tuition in Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, mindfulness, also available by arrangement.  

Please see ‘Events’ page for current classes and other events

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For details of classes, retreats and workshops, please refer to ‘Events’ page.